Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My Mom has been encouraging me for quite sometime to start a blog. I always figured my life was too boring to share in such a public forum. I've lived a fairly generic life, I was blessed with 4 parents that love me dearly, I've been married to the man of my dreams for over 5 years, I own my own house, car, I even have a cat and a dog. I've never broken a bone, been arrested, or had anything majorly traumatic happen......... and then.... On November 13, 2009 my generic life became blessed with an incredible little boy, Ethan Jacob Nelson. He was born via C-Section at 9:44am., 7lbs. 4oz., 19 3/4 inches long.

I had waited my entire life for that moment. Finally, after years of working with children, I had my own. Eric introduced me to my little man, and at the moment, my world could not be more perfect. Little did I know, my tiny bundle of joy, would lead me down a road with so many twists and turns. And, although I feel like God has thrown me into a deep, dark tunnel, with seemingly no ending in sight, I feel his presence every step of the way. My boring, generic life has been turned into one with far more "excitement" than I ever imagined.